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Updated October 19, 2012
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One of the best Bible search tools for Firefox is Bibletoolbar, which accesses the Biblegateway site. Previous to version 2.0, Bibletoolbar also accessed the Crosswalk site. Changes in how the sites functioned led to the dropping of Crosswalk. Since then Crosswalk's resources have been moved to Bible Study Tools.


Since Bibletoolbar 2.0.1 and 1.5.x could not coexist, with the consent of the Bibletoolbar authors, I hacked 1.5.x to create a version which can coexist with Bibletoolbar 3.6.0. This hack I call Crosswalk Toolbar Plus. My most recent customizations of the toolbar were to add the Interlinear NASV to the list of translations (the BST Greek and Hebrew fonts are required) and to add British/Anglicized versions of the NRSV, CEV, and TEV from oremus Bible Browser and, and to add French translations from the Alliance biblique française site. Release was a cosmetic upgrade, from 1.0, to the Options dialogue. Release 1.0.1 changes the View>Toolbar menu option to W from C, which removes the conflict with View>Toolbar>Customize. Release 1.0.3 upped the install version to 3.5.*Release 2.0 changed the links from Crosswalk to Bible Study Tools. Release 2.0.1 upped the install version to 3.7.*. Release 2.1.0 added the French translations and upped the install version to 4.0. Release 2.2.1 upps the install version to 16.0.

Bibletoolbar 4.0

As noted below, the Bibletoolbar maintainers, Karl and Denise Herrick, have updated Bibletoolbar for Firefox 3.x.x compatibility and changed the install ID. This has improved its interaction with CrosswalkToolbarPlus. 

Also a result, BibleToolbar can be customzized by editing the files in the BibleToolbar extensions folder of a user's

Input boxes in the toolbar can be customized for a user's video by changing the width settings in  \extensions\\chrome\skin\classic\bibletoolbar.css.

By editing language.js and options.xul a user can add translations to BibleToolbar. My customizations adding the GNT, NIV 2010, TNIV, God's Word, ESVUK, LEB, Phillips, Mounce Reverse-Interlinear New Testament, Easy-to-Read Version, the Knox bible, Complete Jewish Bible, Hebrew, Habrit Hakhadasha/Haderekh, ERV, SBL Greek NT, two additional German translations, two additional Spanish translations, and two additional French translations can be downloaded and installed by replacing the installed files in the following locations with the ones in

For the menus to be fully activated, the extension may have to be disabled and then enabled.

As always back up the installed files.


I have also added the CrosswalkToolbarPlus customizations to the Mozilla version of Bibletoolbar 1.5.4, which I call MozillaBibletoolbarPlus. This I have tested on Seamonkey 1.x.x.x. I plan to update it with the change to Bible Study Tools.


Biblegateway has translations which I use and are not included in 3.0.5. My branch, which I initially called Bibletoolbar 2.0.2 Plus includes the  TNIV, Hebrew, and additional German translations. With 2.0.2 plus I have changed the installation routine to no longer seek updates because was now rejected as an insecure update site.

GA Bibletoolbar2.0.1Plus

The Bibletoolbar maintainers, Karl and Denise Herrick, have updated Bibletoolbar for Firefox 3.x.x compatibility and changed the install ID, but, so far, have added no new features. My hope is that the authors will find the time to improve on their work.

In the meantime because of the new install ID, I have rewritten my branch 2.0.2, so that it can coexist with Bibletoolbar 3.0.5.  Since it is a branch of 2.0.1, I call it GA Bibletoolbar 2.0.1 Plus and have numbered it 2.1.0.  2.1.1 updates the install version to 3.5.*. 2.1.2 updates the install version to 3.7.*.

I have done no further work on this branch because it is easier to update 4.0 using the replacement files linked above.

Because people work in different screen resolutions and I personally prefer a wider passage entry, I have created installation XPIs with wider passages.

Note these toolbars are my working toolbars.

Right click to download the files and use File Open or Addons install extension to install them (drag and drop also should work).

In the case of the Firefox toolbars, I have found it best to install Bibletoolbar first and Crosswalk Toolbar Plus second. While I install my versions as updates without problem, it may be best to remove previous versions.

GA Bibletoolbar 2.1.0 Plus and Crosswalk Toolbar Plus have been tested with Firefox 2.0.0.x to Firefox 4.x.x under Windows XP and 7 beta, OS/2, Linux, and Mac OS X.  Due to the rapid updating of Firefox I sometimes update the install version but most often rely on Configuration Mania to handle the issue of verison number.

The only glitch I have found with my branches has been with the hot keys.  Under Firefox 3, on occasion installing both Bibletoolbar and Crosswalk Toolbar Plus caused the Bibletoolbar hotkey to stop working. This is why I changed the Crosswalk Toolbar Plus to use left hand keystrokes for opening the toolbar. In GA Bibletoolbar 2.0.1 Plus I changed the hotley to F9, which appears to have resolved some of the issues.  But with the most recent versions of Firefox the Crosswalk Toolbar Plus hotkey does not function correctly. I am still working on an answer.

Before my recent customizations, I accessed the British versions of the Contemporary English Version and Today's English Version, using searchplugins for The zip also contains searchplugins for accessing the American English version of the translations on the site. As well in the zip is a searchplugin to access The New Revised Standard Version (Anglicized Edition)  on the oremus Bible Browser site. 

searchplugin for Today's New International Version is in its own zip. Additional searchplugins for the New International Version are in the same zip. All access sites of the International Bible Society.

Other plugins which I have generated or created are for the United Church General Council and Maritime Conference sites.