Philip Griffin-Allwood

Phil is an ordained minister in The United Church of Canada currently living in Hampton, New Brunswick.

He is a church historian and theologian specializing in Baptist Studies, Canadianization and Socio-Historical theology.

His blog can be found at grifwood.blogspot.com.


The latest version of Canadian Baptist Christians as a PDF Document.

A version of "Canadian Disciple Roots Among Maritime Regular Baptists" as a PDF document. The story of Canadian Disciple Roots among the Free Gospel churches is part of "'To Hear a Free Gospel': The Christian Connexion in Canada." Historical Papers of the Canadian Society of Church History 1988. Included in Michael W. Casey and Douglas A. Foster, eds., The Stone-Campbell Movement: An International Religious Tradition (Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, 2002), pp. 544-562.

The text of the address, "Reason to Be: The African Baptist Association as a Response to Systemic Racism", prepared for a workshop at the 2007 Joint Assembly of African United Baptist Association and Convention of Atlantic Baptist Churches.

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Since 2005 Phil has shifted to using StarOffice and its derivatives, currently Apache OpenOffice, NeoOffice, and LibreOffice. In the Openoffice section there is an extension which exports an open ODT file as Doc, DocX, RTF, or PDF leaving the ODT file open.