Since 2005, Phil has switched from using WordStar for Windows as his GUI Word Processor to various versions of StarOffice, known as in its open source version.  Currently that includes Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice, NeoOffice under four operating systems - Win32, OS X, OS/2 and Ubuntu.

While he prefers Open Document Format, files often have to be shared in other formats. The native OOo save as changes the working document to automatic saving in that format. While MultiDiff provides a good GUI means for doing this, I prefer to do things more simply. In response to a question in the NeoOffice forum I created the ExportAsDoc extension.

ExportAsDoc allows the user to save an open ODT file as Word 97 Doc file either directly to the same directory, to a new location or to a custom location. It works with and derivatives from 2.4 to the latest releases on OS X,Windows and Linux and can be manually installed on OS/2. Version 1.2 is available at the main extension repository for Apache OpenOffice linked above.

For my current work situation I have created a 1.3 version which automates export to Doc, RTF, DocX, PDF and ODT to a custom location only. This is a ten button toolbar available, for now, on this site in Apache OpenOffice version (export to Doc, RTF, PDF, and ODT custom location) and LibreOffice version (export to Doc, RTF, DocX, and ODT custom location).

All versions of ExportAs permit customization of user exports.