WordStar use is in steady decline. While WordStar for Windows will run in a DOSBox Windows 3 session with WSWin as the program manager, it is unstable on modern systems. Ironically, one of the most modern stable places for it to run is in a OS X Wine session.

WordStar 7 continues to work on the four operating systems I use.  There is also a WordStar clone called Write&Set by Martin Vieregg which in at least betas exists for Win32, OS X, Linux and OS/2. In addition to my us-english dictionary that is available on the Write&Set site, I have built a dictionary from the 12 dictionaries (right click to download) project for use with WSedit.

For information about WordStar Mike Petrie has created a WordStar Resource Site! From this site you can obtain his WordSTAR Keystroke Add-In for Microsoft Word.

WordStar Keystroke Add-In for Microsoft Word

This site is a collection of macros and instructions. The site hosts files from The Learning Company's FTP site for WordStar updates, fixes, and drivers.

The site also hosts an online forum and a Yahoo list.


Updated August 6 2012